Tourism & Wildlife Conservancy

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, this industry has proven most susceptible to the impact of economic volatility than most. Nonetheless, our Professionals at UHY Kenya have a deep-rooted understanding of the sector with clients ranging from camp & leisure lodges, not-for-profit and private wildlife conservancies, hotels, restaurants, travel providers and tour operators.

We provide sector-specific expertise in audit, tax planning and accounting around the development and financing of new projects, portfolio reviews and benchmarking and negotiating new operator agreements.

Other than the normal company and tax requirements imposed on companies, partnerships or sole proprietors, the Tourism and Wildlife sector is subject to a multitude of other regulatory requirements which require it to acquire certain licenses and payment of a tourism levy. However, it is also characterized by tax incentives that can be easily overlooked without the input of tax professionals and accountants who aid in tax planning and maximizing retained profits for your business whether you are a local or a member of an MNE.  UHY Kenya is well-equipped to provide such accountancy, audit and tax services having previously acted for various major players in this industry.